Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Illusion of Aliens...Identity revealed

At my earlier time I was hunted by a thing called “aliens”, I kept on reading so many stories confirming they really exist, and they care for us, they come for helping planet earth with their advanced technology. I become the whole way through my life curious about meeting them one day. Accidentally I came through a book that illuminates for me everything. It is an Arabic book which I find such truthful info. I never found elsewhere. In a universe with almost infinite volume, by doing a simple calculation you will get a relative high probability of extraterrestrial life far from earth. Other than that No one can really confirm or deny this possibility, until now there is not such evidence we really encountered any of them, what we witness is not more than an optical illusion, and a Hollywood directed footage, fully staged scenes and fake artifacts. If there were any aliens in this universe, it's definitely not what they mean, not what you hear about.

Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati wrote, “Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery. The hankering of the mind is irresistible; and if once a man has taken it into his head that there is a mystery in a thing, it is impossible to get it out, either by argument or experience. And then, we can so change notions by merely changing a word. What more contemptible than fanaticism; but call it enthusiasm; then add the little word noble, and you may lead him over the world."

Like I mentioned in earlier topics, the secret societies always give names for things which they never mean, yet they actually symbolize the hidden meaning they actually intend for in a completely different, yet charming word like “Aliens”. We live in a world of symbolism, and symbols rule the world, ordinary people are not allowed to know the complete image of the truth, only the initiated ones enrolled in secret societies have known the meaning behind the symbols that have been repeatedly introduced to public. So yes it’s not yet proved that there’s an extraterrestrial life, and if there’s really one –which is most likely- they have never walked between us, never exposed their existence to us, why? Are they invisible or they are just far far away? What really secret societies aim by the word “alien”

Masonic triangle sign!!
The idea that they left evidence that they really exist is just too silly, and proved to be fake. Starting from the crop circles thing that was proved to be human made, forget about these illusions they made you believe it’s so difficult for human race to make it overnight, anybody knows the advanced technology we have been through esp. the secret military ones, will probably not be surprised about this crop circles fiction. Moreover two guys named Bower and Chorley confessed in 1991 to making the first crop circles in South England and people refused believing it’s the truth, as they have euphoria by these fascinating phenomena . The point I’m up to now if aliens exist as claimed by delusioned people I used to be one of them, why we cannot see/contact them?? maybe for the fact that they are invisible. I will discuss with you some facts to shed the light on what Illuminati really mean by “aliens”, and intend to deceive mainstream deliberately about.

In Dan Brown’s brilliant novel “deception point”, it’s has been clear for many free minds that the subject of UFO is linked obviously to confidential military advanced technology that was manifested in high speed saucers used in the cold war, and in preparation for the project blue, “Project Panic, and deceive populations about false alien invasion, to declare global emergency state as a more justification for their unified global order. What confirms that UFO is nothing more than a mere illusion, which most sightings were occasionally around top secret military areas around the world like: area 51, distant deserts like: Nevada, Arizona where military experiments used to be conducted there. More strangely, The saucers also were always appearing after conducting meditation black rituals esp. near the pyramids of Giza and other portals to the other realm indicative of certain contact can be initiated by black satanic rituals, and this will give everyone a quit fair idea about the demonic nature of those aliens they initiate us for.  

The hollow earth theory that is greatly covered up for many people, that was evidenced by explorers like: Admiral Richard E. Byrd, tells that the earth is not solid like we have been taught in textbooks, instead it’s hollow and it’s open entrance located at the north poles, also the surface of the earth is connected through secret tunnels all over the world, moreover similar tunnel was believed to connect the secret chambers at the base of the great pyramid at Giza, and Agartha (the name of the inner earth). This subterranean world has everything like we have: animals, plants, rivers, and even inner sun with a real advanced technology. It’s quite evident that the inner earth inhabitants live there even before the human race by far. I won’t go into details confirming this theory, because there were many stories of people confirming this theory through expeditions they made find more here, it’s even more convincing to know the fact that US government does not let planes fly over the poles. All flights are directed to go around the Poles, and any airline pilot flying in these areas will tell you this. Another interesting phenomenon is the fact that the icebergs are composed of fresh water and not salt water that drift from the Poles. Another interesting question is why it is warmer nearer the Poles than it is 600 to 1000 miles away from it. 

In our esoteric knowledge of nearly every religion, it’s mentioned the existence of seven earth, and seven skies for all my best knowledge I don’t have a clue where we can find each of them, maybe some of them in a parallel universe, or in different realms, might be even it might appear in different time dimension all I’m sure about is this Agartha, or “inner earth” is one of those seven earth. The underworld is well known for it is the place where jinn, goblin, fairy, and demons inhabit. Close enough to this point, I emphasize on this fact that nobody will tell you about, cause they themselves are deceived by this “alien hoax”, “Nordic gods” or “giants hoax”. The alien thing the secret societies, and secret governments are deliberately fabricating it, is nothing more than the unseen world that doesn’t exist physically but in another dimension, we all knew, and fear from, how can they make populations accept gradually this idea, and even more make they fantasize the concept of another race they always frightened from, by a gradually orchestrated scenes, and footages, in addition to fraud historical data about another heavenly arrived race that exist prehistorically for saving the humanity from its own destruction.

Here I don’t say that this race is all evil, but what those secret governments are trying to contact and the ones are trying to contact us are the evil ones. They really offered those organizations mysterious advanced technology (controlled missiles, nuclear tech, high speed saucers..etc) that was used mercilessly in a bad way of exploitation mankind. The first organization who tried to contact them for aiding them to obtain their destructive power is “Nazis”. In fact that the entire Nazi organization was occult based. The “Nazi” was famous for their mysterious experiments on many occult topics; evil medical experiments (Project MKULTRA), hollow Earth, UFOs, cloning. In fact the concept “Esoteric Hitlerism” was given to the Third Reich due to the heavy mystical philosophies, and the occult beliefs they applied scarily esp. in the World War Ӏ. They believed that they are descendants from the race lived in a Hollow Earth. In 1938, they went on an occult based search for the underground world in a concealed expedition. The Nazi SS scientists deciphered ancient myths and mysteries into technology that produced UFOs and other mass destructive knowledge. German scientists and researchers scoured the planet for ancient texts and relics, such as the Holy Grail and the arc of the covenant. Much more evidence points to the Nazi’s dealing with underground technology.

There is a clear link to the early UFO sightings and the contact phenomena with Nazi ideology. This is a continuation of the Masonic Nazi plan to control the minds of Americans and in turn the World! “A technology not magic is provided to mankind that makes them think they are independent and not in any need of God”. “Jim Wilhelmsen” is the one that make this Nazi Connection to UFOs quite obvious and connected it to the Biblical prophetic. However I’m sure the Nazi are not the first pioneers in contacting this unseen demonic realm. Though for a simple history reader, the idea that Hitler’s greatest enemy was “the freemasonry”, and declared the war on them remorselessly, and even claimed that high degree Masons were willing members of "the Jewish conspiracy" and that Freemasonry was one of the causes of Germany's loss of the First World War. Definitely this’s only they announce in front of public eyes, but when curtains are down they all are connected by the “Builderbreg” international group.  

Historically speaking in a paper by Paul M. Bessel; German officials feared secret societies as potential sources of subversion, so the Prussian government became involved in Masonry means to watch and control it. The future Kaiser Wilhelm I was the patron of the three Berlin Grand Lodges for many years. This clarify that masonry was involved even in Nazis policies in mass destruction, that’s not even the whole fact but the true beginning of the masonry and bringing hells into earth was only accomplished by bringing this “occult Nazi revolution” phase into act, and the spark that flamed the two world wars, and sacrifice million innocent lives in a sadly manipulating way for needles wars behind silly claims of how the Aryan race should invade the earth, while they planned for extinction of Aryans esp. and population generally. As a matter of fact Some Nazis were also influenced by Madame Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine (1888) “the founder of modern Satanism” where she postulates “Aryans” as the fifth of her “Root Races”, dating them to about a million years ago, tracing them back to Atlantis.

 I will talk in details in a later topic about the subject of bloodlines, and different races and how they are related with masons, and the elites, but for now I want to highlight the previous part that say the Aryans and aliens are somehow related by blood. I mentioned earlier that aliens are symbolized for the jinn, or the unseen entities living in the 5th dimension “the unphysical realm”, and this’s by the way said in an interview between one of the explorers of Agartha and its inhabitant confirming they cannot materialize in our physical world as if they are like a “spirit form”. Don’t be fooled again when you hear this word “another race”, just ask yourself “WHY DON’T SPACE CIVILIZATIONS MAKE THEIR PRESENCE KNOWN?” Well the answer is simple there are restrictions between every realm, and God created them to prevent destructive manipulation of each other. So did the Nazi claim they carry the same bloodline as those underworld? It looks like they are claiming the same beliefs the elites of Freemasons say. That’s the point I want to make it clear until now, the race that rule the world, the Freemasons, the elites, all of those are different bloodline than humans, cause they believe their race is closely related to those live underworld or what they name “aliens”. 

The Nazis were not the first, not the last who made contact with those aliens, the famous father of New Age Satanism "Alister Crowley", known as "the great beast" also initiated another contact, to truly uncover the identity of those aliens which are in veil under their true demonic nature. He designed a special Black magic project This special project which was carried out in the California desert, was a part of magical ceremonies [black witchcraft] known as the 'Babylon Working'. The fact that he died in 1947 the same year of the alleged Roswell UFO crash and the implementation of the National Security Act, will stop your mind and force you to relate between the two subjects. The purpose of the series of ceremonies performed by Parsons and Hubbard was to unseal an interdimensional demonic gateway, that had been sealed in antiquity thereby allowing other dimensional entities known as the 'Old Ones'?? access to our space/time continuum. The culmination of the ceremonies was reported to have been successful, having resulted in the establishment of 'extra-terrestrial contact'.

Bermuda triangle clouds

Like the Nazi ideology is highly correlated to the alien subject, so as “the Bermuda triangle” or “the devil triangle” phenomena, it’s located in the region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and surface vessels are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Popular culture has attributed these disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings. To mind clarify, and match the “ET” phenomena, and the “Satans”, I will mention what is written in the bible in revelations it says that the beast will come out of the water, and  In Islam also it’s told that “Iblis” or “Satan” has his throne in the sea, and he sends out his dispatchments of “Satans” to aggravate people, and to haunt mankind. The dearest of them to him is the one who causes the most sins. The zone witnessed several disasters in form of unexplained losses of ships, aircraft and people. The Bermuda Triangle’s legend began in earnest on December 5, 1945, with the famed disappearance of flight 19. However, the chronicling of about 200 prior and subsequent incidents attributed to the strangeness of this area. Another incident mentioned in Islam’s inheritage that “Prophet Suleiman” once commanded a jinn to take him to “Iblis” and that the jinn took him to the sea where he met “Iblis” on a throne of water. 

With references to seas and water here and the fact that seas exist all over the world, what makes the sea in Bermuda a special place for the devil. In a research done by “Malam Lawal” He claimed that there was an encounter between a learned man in Egypt in 1992 and a jinn called “Mustapha Kanjoor” who spoke through the medium of a human being whose body he had entered. And that Mustapha Kanjoor (the jinn), disclosed that the headquarters of iblis is actually in Bermuda and jinns are responsible for all the mysterious happenings in the area. He also claimed that jinns (in thousands) who guard the palace, cause accidents, take away the ships and planes and keep in their archives for reference and research for the development of super technology.
The Japanese and Filipino seamen also have a place they call "Dragon’s sea." It is located off the coast of Japan, exhibits the same magnetic characteristics and is known for its mysterious disappearances. “Mallam Lawal” corroborated the existence of Bermuda – like places in other parts of the world with a supernatural slant. There is the Fourmouza Triangle in Taiwan and the Satanic Ocean in Japan and these are all centres of hidden creatures.

"There are reports of movements of unidentified flying objects which are rocket shaped creations that crush anything at sight. These creatures are the "jinns" he said.

So what’s this hype about: aliens, UFOs, reptilians, I really believe they are not more than the unseen creatures we always had fear of them. I tried to make my point historically, spiritually, and scientifically. I always believe that there are outer and inner levels of truth. Whatever you have been introduced to many phenomena, it has been plotted to grasp only the fantasy part of, however when it comes to the true nature of those phenomena, you gotta pay attention not to be infiltrated by the meanings they want you to hold. The Bible and Quraan all say these were the fallen angels or demons, and also ruled with terror, copulating with women and animals and giving rise to demi-gods (reptilian race) which were giants and continued this tyranny which made people worship them. These demi-gods seemed like giant "humanoid Titans" (translated as satans) and others were half human half animal, like the 'gods' of the Greeks, Egyptians, Assyrians, Summerians, Hindus, Aztecs, but they were all from the same source, and wanted to be as gods on earth. The fallen angels, or 'the watchers' which were meant to have watched over the humans and guarded them, instead betrayed God and decided to do as they pleased, giving in to their lusts and hunger for power and worship, and then God had to banish them to the Abyss and flood the earth to eradicate the demi-gods, whose souls were those we know to be "demons" as opposed to the entities of fallen angels. There are remains of these giant monsters, which archaeologists have found but have been suppressed. This banishing of the fallen angels and destruction of demi-gods also explained how the sudden rise of 'gods' (not aliens) suddenly dissapeared from earth, when God decided to intervene, and then God gave man rules to live by seeing how the people had been duped and led astray by the angels which were meant to have protected the humans, and things changed...see more detailed historical facts here
 In Kate song ET, it's clear in lyrics what they imitate masses into
first the song talk about an entity a spiritual being that is a legend
then Katy reveals the identity of this “Alien” is it a devil or an Angel?
And no marvel; for them Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light!!
finally Playing with the devil untill he plays back. And Satan plays to Kill!

One of the dangerous implications I foresee about the “aliens”, is after accomplishing the masonic mega ritual and open the 11th last demonic gateway to the earth, what so called “fallen Angel” or "fallen demons", or “return of gods” everybody will then be deceived and think about demons as superior race of extra-terrestrials that came from their inner earth, or outer space and will welcoming them as our saviors, while the truth they are bringing hell to human mankind, when this happens it will shake the religious foundations of the world, and as the all religions predict it will be the greatest test for this planet to survive, while many evil philosophies that are spreading profoundly between the enlightened people about unified consciousness, and how humans must make friends with everything showing unconditional love, that’s only the outer shield, behind it they actually prepare the minds to accept the concept of making friend with the devil instead of fighting it. I read it in many famous bestseller books in a way or another. I heard it from respectful gurus considered as spiritual leaders that everyone believes they are helping, enlightening, saving people.  


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    1. You can not think deeper about the implications of the idea of "physical pleasure" with the connection to Satan, demons and possibly evil alien races. The fall of the "fallen angels" were exactly for sex with humans.

      This article was over your head, you should probably go back to what you were doing.

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  10. I was thinking about extraterrestrial alien UFOs just this morning. Maybe aliens are so much like us that they have to change the word alien to something that signifies something more like our own image.

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  12. You are forgetting the cult of Scientology.

    (See Penthouse Magazines June 1983 interview with Ron DeWolf, L.R.H.s' eldest son. Ron DeWolf says his father LRH was:

    An avaricious seeker after money, fame, sex and power.

    A "sick, sadistic, vicious" individual

    A drug addict

    A drug smuggler

    A child molester

    A sex fiend

    A satanist

    A traitor to the United States of America (Ron says LRH gave the Russians a radar unit and heat-seeking missile technology in the 1950s).

    A traitor to the United Kingdom

    A corruptor of youth

    A mind rapist

    A bigamist

    A homophobe

    A fraud

    A liar

    A bully

    A medical charlatan who falsely claimed he could cure cancer

    A con artist

    A character-assassin

    A 'control-freak'

    A sadist

    An individual corrupted by the absolute power he had over his disciples yet he denied all responsibility

    A deluded psychopath who thought he was 'god' and who believed he was the most powerful being in the universe (ie"The Beast").

    A tax-dodger

    A wife beater

    A violent misogynist who beat women other than his wives, women with whom he was cheating his wives

    A coward who would let his wife spend four years in jail for a crime Hubbard authorised

    A multiple 'do-it-yourself-with-a-coathanger' abortionist

    A drunk

    A criminal conspirator

    An anti-'faith' apostate who especially targetted the Christian faith

    A moral bankrupt

    A blackmailer

    A Soviet KGB collaborator

    An 'intelligence pimp' who, for $40,000 a pop, allowed the KGB to peruse 'confidential' auditing interviews bullied out of unsuspecting Scientologists

    L.R.H. allowed the KGB to read the transcripts of Scientologist 'audits' for a fee of $40,000 a time.
    This compromising information was used to blackmail Scientologists in government, business and academia for the
    benefit of the Soviet Union and to the detriment of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia.

    L. Ron Hubbard betrayed Scientologists, Scientology, his family, friends and every other individual who believed in him.

    Yet, his 'skills' as a despotic tyrant far outweighed his complete lack of talent as a science fiction author.

    Ron DeWolf also said that:

    L.R.H. and Adolf Hitler had exactly the same religion

    L.R.H. and Adolf Hitler had similar personalities and temprements

    The Hitler Youth and the "Sea Org" are virtually the same thing, and,

    Scientologists and Nazis were ideologically similar.

    How many men did we lose in Vietnam because L. Ron Hubbard
    gave the Soviet Union radar and heat-seeking missile technology in the 1950s?

    Why name a street after this traitor and the cult who, could, still be selling us out to the Russians and Chinese even now?

    The cult of Scientology is a traitorous nest of Russian spies.
    When is our government going to do something about these satanic, Scientologist traitors?

  13. First among the traitors in the cult of Scientology is Duncan Roads of Nexus magazine.

    Roads is a Scientologist.
    Roads is a traitor who imagines he is a 'god'/
    He has no loyalty to any country other than socialist Libya.
    The traitor Roads and his Scientologist co-conspirator Marcus Allen need to face
    charges of treason in a court of law, just like all the other Scientologist looney tunes,

  14. The Illuminati’s symbolism pretty pervasive in our society. It appears on most major corporate logos, currency, and even cartoons.

  15. I think I've heard this alien form while trying to rescue a Human spirit in my home ... They talk thru some frequency and sound like reptiles with clicks and beeps as language ... I think they take and move things from cluttered areas And leave certain areas with a white residue with tiny little hairs all thru it.. The insect , a cricket is somehow involved as they come .. Does ang1 know anything about this phenomanon ast house is getting some really weird shit happening ... They use something big , heavy footsteps and deep human voice when they know u know ...

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  25. I prefer trusting the people that have been searching about the ufo phenomenon since more than 30 years. There is so much misinformation on Internet. Demons are in our heads, the good is in our hearts. A 4 hours ride that is worth listening to understand that "evil" is in the mind of every creatures as well as "divine". Linda Moulton Howe is seeking the truth since the 70's and could be close from the truth.

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