Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Origin Of A Disease Is Your Non-Faced Fears Imprinted In Your SubConscious Mind

This post is not written by me, but a dear friend who adopts the same way of seeing things from its core. Although I discovered this intelligent link between repressed thoughts, and emotions created by our fears to face it, and their effect on our emotional, and physical health. I couldn't put it in a such amazing theory like he did I put a link to his Facebook page for more brilliant insights at the end of the post. It simply summarize the missing link we all suffer, how we can get physically ill, by thoughts we don't give it the right attention, or not giving attention to what thoughts infiltrated in our mind, which when not taken care of, can be an origin of a disease.

"There is something about the sub conscious mind that I have recently come to understand. Something that effects you emotions and your health depending on how much thoughts you fill it with.

Basically it's like this. If there's something really important to you that you have been wanting to do for a long time, but haven't been able to get it done, and if you've spent time every day thinking about it more than almost anything else, than that idea or that thought will be absorbed by your sub conscious mind. What I've come to learn about the sub conscious mind is that whatever you think about daily, no matter what it is, if it's the one thing that you've put the most thought into, than your sub conscious mind will absorb that idea first, before it absorbs anything else. After it absorbs it, it will retain it, until you finally accomplish what you want to do with it. The longer you wait to eliminate that thought from your mind, by doing what you have been wanting to do, the more and more it will begin to effect your body, starting with your emotions.

On the emotional level, no matter what thought you've been placing into your sub conscious, it will always take a negative effect if you still haven't achieved what you want to with it. It's never positive, always negative. So if you've been wanting to take your son to a baseball game, but you've been putting it off over and over again, though always thinking about it "in the back of your mind", than what will happen is that your emotions will start to be attacked, literally, by your sub conscious mind, and it will make you start to feel depressed, even though your conscious mind will not completely understand why, and may not even recognize what is happening. This is why I've learned that it is so important to ALWAYS be completely aware of the thoughts and ideas that you are focusing on daily, because what we don't always seem to understand, is that every single thought we have is recorded by our minds, sub consciously, with the things we give the most thought to always causing us the most problems if we don't take care of them immediately. This is something that I don't think we are being told enough by doctors, psychologists, etc. They are not taking enough time to study, and understand, how the sub conscious mind really works.

If the thought or idea remains in your sub conscious mind for too long, because you've either chosen not to take care of it, or do what you've been thinking about, what is within your ability to do, than what will eventually happen is that the sub conscious mind will move from attacking your body on an emotional level, either through depression, anxiety, anger, etc. (always negative), and will then move to start attacking your body on a physical level as well (through illness, sickness, weakness, pain, lethargy, etc.) When that idea is left untouched, and remains in the sub conscious mind for too long, it will undoubtedly always effect your body physically eventually, and always in a way that is unhealthy, and negative. This is also something that we are not being told enough about by the so called "medical professionals" of today.

Now after understanding this, and realizing this, we are left with one simple question. How much is REALLY known about the sub conscious mind by the scientific community out there in the world today?That's the first question. The second question is, if there is a great deal of information and private study that has been done within the scientific community on the effects of the sub conscious mind related to our emotions, and our physical bodies, than why haven't we been given this information by those people who claim to be there to help us understand more about our bodies and more about how to take care of our physical health? This is what we, as Human Beings, need to start asking ourselves. How come in so many cases with so many people do we always hear the saying, "There's not enough time in the day." That's directly related to how the sub conscious mind is effecting you emotionally, because when you feel that way, what your sub conscious mind is really trying to tell you, "Get this thought out of me! Please!" And when we don't do that, that is when things start to go south. Or how about when someone looks really sad and you ask them what's wrong and they say "I've just got a lot on my mind. A lot of things I need to take care of." What is really happening to someone when they say that to you? Is that just a saying? Or is there an actual, emotional and physical process taking place in real time, with real consequences to a person's health, just by storing up too many thoughts and ideas in the sub conscious mind about "what needs to be done." These are all things that we Human Beings need to start understanding about ourselves, because someone or some group has not been giving us the information that we need to know about ourselves, and have been keeping it TO THEMSELVES, on purpose, in order to use it against us.

So now that we understand at least a little bit about how the sub conscious mind is VERY REAL, and how it may even be one of the number one causes of people's mental health problems today, now we can begin to ask ourselves how we can go about fixing or "healing" this problem, before it gets too far out of hand. Well, what I propose, is a very simple remedy, that can be done by anyone, at any time, and must be done, if we are ever to release some of the pressure that builds up in our sub conscious, constantly attacking our bodies daily, until our emotions, and our physical health, becomes effected in a major way. What I propose is this. We need to start "cleaning" our sub conscious minds as much as possible. The same way that you would clean out your bedroom after it gets filled with junk and dirty clothes. Or the same way that you would clean out your cars oil every so often, otherwise your car will start to experience major problems with it's performance, etc. This is what we need to start doing, on a daily basis, and EVERYONE needs to start doing it, so that we can be healthier and happier, all around. The best way that I have found to do this, is to separate your thoughts that have cluttered up your sub conscious mind, the ideas, the desires, the wants and needs that you have filled it up with, and start focusing on each of those thoughts, one by one, until you accomplish them, or achieve them, and release them from your sub conscious minds completely. Not only will this make you feel better emotionally, but you will also experience major physical health benefits by doing this as well. All it takes is focusing on one thought at a time, each one of those ideas or purposes that you have set forth for yourself, but haven't taken care of yet, by setting aside the proper time to get to them, and by successfully eliminating each one of them as you finally take care of them one by one. That, at least to my current understanding, seems to be the best method for sweeping out your sub conscious mind, before it really starts to effect your health on all levels. This is very serious though, because if not done, those ideas and thoughts will just continue to build and build and build, until you get that feeling that you are about to have a nervous breakdown. Never a good thing at all.

One other thing that the sub conscious mind can do as well, is produce nightmares, or bad dreams, or a feeling of uneasiness after you wake up in the morning, by showing you what you still haven't achieved yet, and by actually giving you a negative dream so that you will remember that you still haven't cleaned that thought or idea from your mind yet. The sub conscious mind is capable of doing many things to your body, most of them all negative, from what I have come to understand, and dreams are definitely one of the many things that it can produce as a symptom for your mind to be able to remember that the "storehouse is overflowing", and needs to be cleaned out immediately.

As mentioned before, it doesn't look like the scientific community for whatever reason, wants people to understand a lot about how our sub conscious mind effects our bodies in terms of emotions, health, sleeping patterns, etc. The main reason for this, that I have currently been able to grasp, is that at the very least, if people were to begin to understand how to clean out their sub conscious minds for themselves, than they just might not need to rely on medications to help with their emotional and physical problems that can and do definitely result from overloading your sub conscious mind with tasks and ideas and thoughts that haven't been done away with yet, because you haven't had the experience of actually doing them. Once you do, those thoughts should disappear from your sub conscious mind all on their own. Just by finally getting to them. The other thing is to always be aware of every one of your thoughts BEFORE they are allowed to enter into your sub conscious mind, so that you can pick and choose which ones you are going to place in there. "


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