Sunday, April 8, 2012

Illuminati secrets "The Ultimate Truth"

In this blog, you will know shocking facts that you will never read in another place, you will hold your breath, open wide eyes about everything happening in everyday life, and you never thought it would mean something related to this topic. I’ll tell you the story from the beginning, never miss a single detail, For the first time in your life you will get everything correlated; Power, Money, Masons, Secret societies, Qaballah, knight Templars, Solomon temple and More.

Away from some personalities agenda, who uncover little secrets, not the whole big jigsaw part, for the sake they propagandize their ideas in a cunning way, pretending to be the saving knight . I can definitely tell you they participate in the huge misleading concepts people got, not only that but they harm you even by implanting wicked ideas which attracts dark forces!!!. They are small, though influential parts in the great process of brain wash the whole world is being exposed to. I’ve been through this awful, I’d say painful experience accidentally, and I'll make a full description to my experience. As a matter of fact I hesitated 3 years till I convinced myself I had to prevent other mind-blown people to get through the same fate.

Let’s Begin this historical loop together, to clarify every mysterious topic surrounding the great secret societies world we live in, specifically: The  Illuminati.


  1. you didnt finish or is there a link?

  2. The rest of topics I wanted to talk about are in the blog archive..I made this as intro

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