Friday, April 6, 2012

The Illusion of Meditation and Yoga

This is the number one illusion they spread it worldwide, everywhere you’ll find thousands of sites, centers, and people who also don’t know how dangerous these teachings can be, or maybe they do it purposely for that reason. They put many ideas behind the meditation; from relaxation, to regenerating what they called, and globally misunderstood “the energy”. What is really behind this practice, and how devastating could it be to you spiritually.

The Jewish is controlling the world through secret societies, Not to mention their biggest lodge “The Illuminati “of course, as they  have No land to bring them together, No power they own or a governor unites them, so that they consider all the nations of the earth as barriers to to their target. Their focus became more about forming movements and secret societies across the entire history. They used bright slogans to attract the elites, and then reform their minds, and souls, subsequently to the blinded imitatively rest of the society.Only to find the Temple and for the enslavement of the Jews for all nations of the earth. So they made a concept of Genuine of Freemasonry”, it implies that whatever fact they had, it is only exclusive for their high degree masons, never naming the things by their real meaning names, but another charming words, that’s a part from the Mind Controlling process.

Getting to this point close enough, I can highlight the diverted facts they have imposed upon us through the media, newspaper, and more. Gradually you are eliminated from your pure essence of faith, Love, and Morals, to be perceptually ready for any rubbish ideas to implant. One fatal and damaging idea to the mind, and soul, is Enlightenment. Well it has a true beautiful meaning, which is being close to the God “Allah”, and receives all his blessings. However this’s not the actual goal from those teachings you learn in the meditation classes. What actually they teach you, is a type of “white magic”.

 you would never know this, because they only teach you the cover up methods of breathing, and concentration. I have been through this myself, unfortunately I was on my own as a self-learning, and I got heavy ritual books called “ The Awakening of Healing Light” by Mantak chia , I mentioned the name forcefully to warn anybody who had the intention, and get brain washed about this Yoga thing. In fact, they teach you “satanic rituals”, I know it’s shocking but what you can say about a tons of warnings in those cursed books, and it hold no responsibility for whoever try this without a “Guru”. As a matter of facts, I kept e-mailing them, to find out what actually is happening to me, getting nothing but the evil heavy air.

Now you know what those practices transform you to?? You know what the term “energy” really mean?? You want to know how, and in what way they want you enlightened?? May be some  people stand up from the crowd and argue they felt some energy while practicing Yoga, and how much energized they become, and I’m telling them yep, I did too, but for some reasons, I got a heavy one, I couldn’t breath after, my heart would stop, my brain would explode. 

Does this kindly seems to you a “Good Energy”?? I’d say thanks God the majority of people has dormant spiritual powers, so those evil results, wouldn’t be realizable until a good punch of time, counts to years. But I tell you, If you are a good person, with high spirituals the probability is high, you got fights everyday just to try to defeat, and get advantage of your high good powers. Beware those rituals of white magic might become serious, and turns into bloody spirit embodiments, and who plays with matches, surely got burned. Seriously talking, even in the spirit world, if a spirit opt to cross its realm, then it’s evil one, and wants something in return, Be Careful, it’s not a game, the price could be your life.  

Humans can’t in such any possible ways know, and think better than his almighty creator, if God decides that certain knowledge is prohibited, and not allowed for human beings to deal with, or even try, then this knowledge is wicked, and surrounded by dark forces. If anyone got possessed by those forbidden issues, they have to blame only himself. Some of those authors who still have a tiny amount of conscious they call it “ Forbidden knowledge”, “Dark technology”, while other possessed one call it in such charming titles, like the one previously mentioned, or anything like ”Healing”, ”light”, ”Enlightenment”, “Awakening”, believe me they all hold the same evil forces, I’ve mentioned before. The claim of the energy paths they activate is a total myth, what actually they do is opening a “doorway” into your subconscious mind, and make you invaded by the evil spirits, and dark forces so easily. It eliminates your natural "Firewall" God has created to protect you from the world of unseen. See how efficient they destroy you, with your own mind, frighteningly enough with your satisfaction.!!

To summarize this hazardous, and serpentine illusion, unless you are fully equipped with your faith to God, your humble ubiquitous prayers, to save your soul, and mind from the very evil spirited people, and entities we are surrounded by, For the sake of the mankind, please from now on spread the word, of avoiding these ticklish practices of meditation, and those satanic rituals. The only enlightenment, and true awakening to your soul, through your reverence in prayers, remembering that God is always with you, protecting, blessing you, and no longer you are in a great risk, to get you in the track they have drawn for the humanities, and the earth to be possessed by their demons. I’d go in more details about the illusions they would never tell you about the Illuminati.  
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  1. You sound to me like a paranoid "born-again" Christian who sees devil & his demons in everything. While Illuminatis satanic rituals are no doubt sick & soul destroying, practise of yoga & meditation offers health benefits if done correctly. I bet you believe in immortality of the soul, heaven & hell after the death [all pagan beliefs]. Well,if u study the Bible it tells u that there's only 1 place every1 is going after the death, & it's the grave! We are all there [including God's most faithful men like Abraham & David] till Christ's 2nd coming, His judgement & our resurrection. Those in Christ will get eternal life [Heaven] on earth & others will be destroyed in fire [Gehenna]. Every true Christian's hope! Stop listening to self-styled pastors & start reading the Bible & thinking 4 yourself! Your Christadelphian friend.

    1. You should really look into the authenticity of the books you value as gods word. Sincerely your brother.

  2. Thank you for your psychoanalysis although it doesn't tell about me, nor my topic a little thing. Are you sure you read my topic, and understand what I've wanted to say, or you just pick the first sentence from each paragraph and throw the word "paranoid"?? First of all I'm not christian, second I don't know what the subject of hell, and heaven has any little thing to do with my warnings about Yoga, My Christadelphian friend, I'm talking here about a personal experience, not any religious beliefs, cause that's not what I'm talking about here in my blog,I'm talking about what I have been truly through, and I know many people who came through this as well, I simply say people it's not what it seems, it's blah blah blah...And the health benefits you mention is nothing more than a placebo effect, I myself experienced it, but it's nothing more than illusion if you know what I mean my friend..

    1. A while ago I started to become curious about the world and how things are going. Why some things happen and some don't. I started exploring the bigger picture and became open-minded about a lot of stuff. I discovered meditation. There was a meditation school which was for free because they didn't want to put a price on energy. I started going and first felt this huge energy. They were teaching us how to get connected to the heart chakra. I wanted to open the third eye as well. I was very happy and stopped worrying. After 2 months of meditation I started feeling bad energy. I felt like I was possessed by a demon. I couldn't sleep, sit, talk, study, concentrate. Just had this feeling of discomfort. In our meditation class they said we shouldn't eat meat. I am a vegetarian so that was not a problem. But why did they tell us this ? I'm not convinced in their explanation and want to know your opinion. I am still getting out of my dark period. Is this a reaction of meditation, or black magic ? I never felt this way ever. And if it is meditation, why the others are not feeling the way I do ? There are plenty of people who live a long and happy life because of meditation and yoga. Why would this be happening to some and not all people ?
      Thanks a lot.

    2. Anonymous Feb 14, o.k. talking to you dear one, get out as fast as you can, your one of the Blessed ones giving the gift of discernment

    3. I'm sorry i meant Anonomous Feb 11 3:45 pm
      Be Blessed INDEED!!!!!

    4. Truth Dealer keep up the good work my dear Brother!
      Be Blessed INDEED!!!!!

  3. Thank you very much! very interesting and very true! - Out of all the info on the net, i found info like this on your website and a video series called: Solomons temple.
    Went through this experience myself, i didnt feel kinder and enlightened, i did start seeing auras in first or second stage, But! I felt im becoming more colder instead, Basically i started noticing negative stuff in me instead of positive.
    There is a user called Alaje the pleiadian on youtube with hes many videos on life and meditation.. One of them is a world meditation, says: send you white light of love energy to the planet and imagine how your love energy is covering the whole planet and how your white energy overpowers other evil energy..
    Basically since i found out that guy is a hoax, everything made sense to me but i always wondered:

    How that meditation that looks so pure and good, be actually the opposite. I been thinking long and hard how giving positive energy to whole planet be actually bad, i studied a lot on this. I couldn't find answers on the net, i found them in myself but i was never sure if i'm right. But after reading your site, it confirmed im on the right step! =))

    Thank you very much for your hard work and sharing this! Peace and Blessings =)

  4. Such comments really give me hope that people are getting more aware about many illusions that surrounds us, All I'm asking from enlightened people like you to spread the word, cause some people reached a level when they have been warned about meditation they accuse you of being paranoid, and crazy, how it become so rooted into our life, you can imagine how people get deceived easily by such beautiful words of peace,love, and by the way, not everyone will experience the real evil inside it, except if he is spiritually powerful.or if he keep on doing it for long time, and got immersed in it...for your knowledge, there's nothing called energy, this energy hoax, is just their other term of "evil spirits", "demon" sorry I shock you, but it's the truth I learned the hardest way, and I experienced it myself....many people also I knew myself got a real upside down hell life after this experience of "meditation", and weren't strong enough to resist this evil, many also I knew God blessed them, and learned the truth behind this devilish meditation, abandoned it and they start becoming even more close to God.
    God bless you all people searching for the truth, and not be one of who are deceived and they are happy with it.

  5. Thanx for your insight am well aware that there is a dark side of this life and satan is out to get as much souls as possible and as the bible says he is father of all lies. But in psalms David says that one should meditate upon his bed what did he mean? the thing of meditation and yoga is spreading fast like wild fire here in Africa. The bible says that people of God perish due to their ignorance i don't wanna be ignorant. Thanks for this blog!

  6. I agree with the first comment. You all sound to me like a paranoid bunch of "born-again" Christians or other "brain-washed" religious followers who cannot think for themselves and who sees devil & his demons in everything. I bet you believe in vampires too.

  7. Well Vamps are true, If you are smart enough to realize that all heavy rituals need blood to be completed..Oh please you know nothing about the real meaning behind everything in life, you can't see except the materials in front of your eyes, that's why you see nothing of the real please this "brainwashed" thing is describing your mind.

    1. so you please tell me , if yoga meditation are not the way.. what is the way to live? simply doing nothing?

  8. I have been practising yoga for 5 yrs under a guidance of a guru. Practising yoga without guidance from those who have been there is dangerous...for the spiritual realm is not for chancers, demons dont play with u in the other, they take every opportunity and u could even end up possessed. A little something about yoga that u dont know since you didnt stick around long enough to understand it. When u are initiated, u take a vow to remain vegeterian for - this minimises any possibility of any initiate getting involved in bloody affairs. We are taught not to kill anything unless our lives are in serious danger. So we dont even kill rats, we rather get a cat and let nature run its cause. Evil is associated with blood,and we dont do bood under any cicumstances,.
    Regarding your experience of heavy energy - that was a cleansing process, it was the negative energy trying to pass thru. .... just like the passing of seasons, if u had continued the heay experience would have passed and clean,uplifting energies would have filtered thru. No wonder u are still so paranoid, its fear still bottled up.

    1. Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it and I'd ask you to share with us more clear insights about it, I'd be open to it...

    2. you know, I don't think it's a cleansing process at all, we all experience this cleansing you talk about after taking a warm shower, after simply relaxing in a natural environment, and after deep heart praying but we never experience this intense surge of fear and abnormal heavy sensation!! It's far from any repressed fear if that what you wanna say, but like you mention exactly it's the danger you exposed yourself dangerously to the spiritual realm that's all folks...All other feelings that come with yoga are illusions and don't last, if it's not transformed to your worse nightmares.

    3. Continue spreading the word. I believe the root of evil is abandoning the praise and guidance of God (swt) and meditation and the likes of it are one of those things that distract people from God guidance. If you want a true meditation look no further then the five prayers performed by muslims daily.. Sincerely your brother

  9. I am from India and I know yoga very well. Firstly it is not yoga it is pronounced as yog. I warn you not to try it without an ' experienced' GURU.else it cam be extremely dangerous . With power of yog you can heal anything but if only done in right way. There are very very strict rules which are to be followed. If you want to learn you have to come under a audience of guru and live with nature, less tech and more physical work and stop listening to timeless music. For this either you can come to India or am substitute is, on youtube type ' baba ramdev yoga'.

  10. Thank you so much for this posted, I just started take yoga classes at my gym but when comes to the meditation time my soul wasn't agreeing since I gave my life to JESUS CHRIST -and I didn't know why for sure. Now I am aware, I will do the exercise part and live the class prior meditation. I love my GOD and the meditation of my heart and mind is only for HIM. My instructor also makes all kinds of hand signs that is very similar with illuminati, I am sure that it's all about the same. GOD bless you

  11. Have you ever thought that the Illuminati is a distraction from the truth? I used to be a big conspirator when it came down to the Illuminati, and I was diagnosed with a multiple anxieties but then I searched up consciousness, frequencies and quantum physics. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I started my own meditation sessions and my anxieties seem to have flew away. Did you know that Jesus studied Buddhism? Look it up. Where do you think he went all those years, then came back and out of nowhere hes this "magical healer". The romans tore 30 chapters out from the bible, 30 CHAPTERS. Imagine how much information those chapters contained! My reason for my presence on this page is not to change your thoughts or beliefs, I'm just opening your mind to other possibilities :)

  12. really the jews this the jews that -_-

  13. I appreciate your spreading the word my brother as it takes true bravery to express the unpopular. Peace and blessings to those who have blindly jumped on the band wagon without doing the research. To those who have done Yoga for a time, have you ever wondered why you are taught to form your fingers into the "666" signs?? Do you have any clue what "yoga" really means or where it originates? Instead of responding in such a clueless and ignorant way to this man, whom is trying to provide the TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT out of love for mankind, DO YOU RESEARCH, FOOL!!!! Satan is the master of lies and whether you realize it or not, all of the many times you have stretched your body into various unnatural poses, you are literally positioning your body, mind and soul to worship ancient Hindu deities!!! Beloved, your are opening your mind to a gateway of satanic rituals whether you believe it or not! Paranoid? Absolutely not. Simply informed.

  14. Lmfao is this serious? Personal experience does not equate to fact. Stop trying to spread your psychotic beliefs. You sound like you have a mental disorder, i have studied psychology for many years, specifically with psychiatric patients and you sound like them. Get yourself checked out before you start spreading ignorance

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