Monday, April 9, 2012

The Illusion of The Global Meditation Mega Ritual

 The Ancients prefer for some reasons –we will explain- the buildings of pyramids in every place they inhabit, not only for Egypt, there are pyramids, though they are the most famous, and mysterious of all, they are nearly in every ancient culture. As the pyramids holds mystic powers, they thought it acts like a receiver for the charged cosmic rays, concentrating it in its body acting more like as sealing the energy, and preventing it from escape , Moreover an Egyptian researcher scientist recently announced that by dividing the 2 dimensions of the pyramids, you got π, one of the building blocks in math., and when asked why this dimension is that significant, He answered that this parameter is the biggest horizon to the visible dimension, and its height (vertically) is the Invisible dimension.That is the missing link our science doesn't understand, how a pyramid structure can communicate the physical, energy, and spiritual realms. By comprehending this unseen dimension of the pyramid, we can better understand why it was the favorite, sacred building for ancients 


.For Math haters, sorry to tell you that every mystery or great phenomena we are dealing with, has actually a fundamental role with the “Golden number”, or “Fibonacci Number”. From Astrology, Human Body ratio, the Nature’s every alive or dead structure, to our topic here “the architect of the pyramid”. There is nothing in this nature that is not created in more or less as equation of Golden number ϕ, like: the arrangements of atoms in a crystal, the conformation of a virus, that is the term you might heard of “ Sacred Geometry”, It holds the key behind every science in this universe the rational number of (1.618….etc), It is an infinit number where it doesn’t end, resembling perfectly the continuing cycle of Life.

There’s no coincidence in the place of the Great pyramids, after plotting all the sacred places on Earth on a map, there were a perfect alignment, from: Macchu picho, Cuzu, Siwa, Petra, Easter Island…., they were all on the same line around surprisingly, circling the whole globe passing by more, and more sacred sites. Like anything in this universe there is an Energy Map of every creature, it describes the paths of energy within, I don’t know yet, if it is the link to the soul too, anyway our earth too has those perfectly multiples of ϕ, paths, Ancients have built all the sacred places on the same alignment of energy. People everywhere perform prayers in each of them, so the faith of people in God determines the health of this planet. Interestingly there is a verse in Quran that confirms this saying:

“And if the people of the towns had believed and had the (piety), certainly, We should have opened for them blessings from the heaven and the earth, but they belied (the Messengers). So We took them (with punishment) for what they used to earn (polytheism and crimes, etc.). Did the people of the towns then feel secure against the coming of Our Punishment by night while they are asleep? Or, did the people of the towns then feel secure against the coming of Our Punishment in the forenoon while they play? Did they then feel secure against the Plan of Allah. None feels secure from the Plan of Allah except the people who are the losers.”

 Getting back to our topic now, why the earth is so much cursed with wars, Natural Disasters, violence, Insecurity, and Hate? Maybe something really bad is happening in those sacred places, maybe there is a lot of satanic rituals are happening there. Well that is the Freaking truth, Nobody would ever tell you, that the meditations they use worldwide, varying in degrees is purely a satanic ritual, described by the highest 33 degreemason  “Eliester Crowly” which probably they embed in it sexual rituals.

The  New Age Movement was organizing such black events to those places that contain the highest gathering of the energy paths. Just to clear something, there are two centers for the Earth, negative one, and positive one, for the negative one, that is the Giza Great Pyramid, and the positive is Mekka in Saudi Arabia. So what they actually do, they activate, by their satanic rituals inside those pyramids, the negative energies combined to the yet corrupted, and vitiated most of the inhabitants. If you read my topic “illusion of meditation”, you would understand that negative energy means satans, and evil spirits, they want then to increase that negative energies, eventually to evokes their awaited Lucifer, “the Messiah” Or “Anti-Christ”, for the return to their Solomon temple, and rule the world.

When dealing with occult rituals, Numerology takes on a primordial importance, so a specefic date like that (11/11/2011), when the Orion perfectly align to the pyramids, three stars inside the Orion will match the three pyramids, when the energy rises above, a fire of energy ( remember actually they mean “satans”) will sheild the planet, they claim this will protect the earth, meanwhile that will actually bring the hell to the humans, and earth.
The New Age Movements has already opened 10  demonic gateways since 1992, the last remaining one is in the Giza plateau, that is the last one, they planned to do it in 11/11/2011, but thanks to our merciful God, the Egyptians, and Egyptologist were aware enough, and protested after they got the approval for their ceremony, it had been rejected. They were arranging the ritual to save the earth as a cover story.  You probably heard of the quote“As Above, So Below”, it means in their deformed philosophy, that Heaven is like Hell!! The actual purpose they want is driving people from heaven into Hell, what a deceived world we live in. 

In the ceremony, they make circle of men, and women in exchange, in this way they will explode the energy of love, which is the most powerful energy on Earth. As in In occult circles,the alchemical transformation of the spiritual matter, the Great Work, must unite both opposing energies. One polish psychic “Lucyna” had claimed that underneath the royal tomb, there is a crystal hidden inside a labyrinth   that was built long ago as the same age of the pyramid, which she witnessed in a spiritual experience time traveling in the past, and A university of Wroclaw  has adopted her experience in a Project called “Cheops Project”. Together with the crystal they will place inside the royal tomb, and the small golden pyramid on the top of the great pyramid, collectively will polarize, and reflect the love energy that is released from the orgy ritual performed inside the tomb, higher to the Orion Constellation which they claim the place of Lucifer “their other god”, attracting, more precisely evoking their Lucifer, embodied in “Messiah”.

  Here you find all about the Project, of course all in diverted meaning  

why they wanted this event in a specific date: 11/11/2011 , at 11 P.M. That is because when similar numbers combined together, they hold even much more power. In Kabbalah, number 10 means the perfection, so number 11 means what after perfection, or a new age, Number 1 mean in their teachings is God, so number 11 means 1 to 1, or A God stands to, or confronted by another god, which in their distorted “Crowley philosophy” their Lucifer.
Because it exceeds the number 10 (the number of perfection) by 1, it is usually associated with bad foreboding and black magic. Qabbalists associate the number 11 with transgression of the law, rebellion, war, sin, sorcery and martyrdom. For this reason, the occult elite often associates "mega-rituals" involving sacrifice with the number 11. What was the massive mega-ritual of the modern times? September 11th – involving the Twin Towers
They missed that date already, but they are planning to catch another date 12/12/2012, that is why they exaggerate this date as the end of the world. Now you have the complete image of what is going on in this misleaded, and brain washed world, they try to hypnotize your mind with meanings, that is not their actual meaning, with rituals you think it brings love, and peace, while it actually brings war, and atheism, They will never tell you, they worship devils, never tell you they are satanists, never tell you they bring hell to our Earth, you know why?
Because simply they are Brain washed too, they are immersed in the dark underworld they made themselves into, by their black, and greedy hearts, they simply sell themselves to the Satan for power, Those are the servants of the dark underworld, and they funnily call themselves “Illuminati”!!!  

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to Lucifer, No one will enter the New Age, unless he or she will take an Luciferian Initiation".David Spangler, Director of the United Nations Planetary (Global) initiative.


  1. Thank you for contributing to the awakening.

  2. You are Welcome, I owe everything I learned the hardest way to people who have the same fate of searching truth, as I get misled by many who claim falsehood to be the truth, while some people helped me to realize the actual meaning of many deceiving awakening topics, I just want to prevent others to be deceived the same way I was.

  3. Really love your true inspiring posts as well as stories..please share more!! (:


  5. I think you're the best to ask. I see a form thing with horns sitting on a throne in almost every music vid. Most recent with that kid singing 'lalalala' (I'm covering myy ears) does that mean the devil is here

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